Radnor Studio 21 is the Radnor Township public access television station, airing on Comcast and Verizon cable channel 21. Radnor Studio 21 is a 501(c)(3), non-profit corporation.

Mission Statement: Radnor Studio 21 serves the public interest by providing an accessible forum for the Radnor Township Community to share information, opinions, experiences, events and entertainment.

Public access television is your opportunity to create your vision and get your voice heard. All Radnor residents, community members and community organizations are welcome to telecast programs on Radnor Studio 21. Producers may use our studio facilities, our remote camera/lighting packages, or they can produce their shows using other resources.

Whether you want to produce your own show or you’d just like to volunteer on someone else’s, we have training programs so that you can learn the elements of production and how to use our equipment. We also have an intern program, which is designed for students who want a more structured, in-depth training in video production.

Remember, TV can be in your hands! Whether you think thousands of people will want to see your show, or maybe just the people on your block, Radnor Studio 21 is waiting for you!